» Zoushoku Shoujo Plana-chan!

Zoushoku Shoujo Plana-chan! Manga by Hiroki Haruse

Zoushoku Shoujo Plana-chan! Manga% aka: Plana-chan!
Comedy, Shounen, Slice of Life
2 Volumes, 21 Chapters, 359 Pages
Scans by: Vexed Scans
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Series Brief Review
Think Yotsuba but with a planarian*/human mutant four-year-old girl instead of one with green hair.
*A planarian is a kind of non-parasitic flatworm organism.

Volumes:   1 2

Volume 1

  1. Hello, Plana-chan
  2. Plana-chan's First Pudding
  3. Plana-chan, Lets Play Dress-Up!
  4. Plana-chan Grows up!
  5. Plana-chan, Is This Your First Time On An Errand?
  6. Plana-chan Reflects On Her Actions
  7. Plana-chan And The Sea
  8. Plana-chan, Survive The Backyard
  9. Plana-chan And The Terrifying Mansion
  10. Rebellious Plana-chan!?
  11. Plana-chan And Family
  12. Plana-chan's New Year

Volume 2

  1. Plana-chan And Riku
  2. Plana-chan's Celebration
  3. Plana-chan And Hot Springs
  4. Plana-chan And Visitors
  5. Plana-chan And Lia's Training
  6. Plana-chan's Strange Day Off
  7. Plana-chan At The Amusement Park
  8. Plana-chan, Farewell!?
  9. Plana-chan And Rinne

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