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Walking Man Manga by Jiro Taniguchi

Walking Man Manga% aka: Aruku Hito
Drama, Seinen, Slice Of Life
1 Volumes, 18 Chapters, 153 Pages
Scans by: Manga-Sketchbook
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Series Brief Review
Nowadays, who takes his time to climb a tree in the middle of the city? To look at the birds, to play in the puddles after the rain? The walking man, through his lonely and silent strolls, makes us rediscover the happiness of wandering around...

Volume 1

  1. Bird-Watching
  2. Snowfall
  3. In the Town
  4. Climbing a Tree
  5. It's Raining
  6. Swimming at Night
  7. After the Typhoon
  8. The Long Road
  9. The Starry Night
  10. In the Alley
  11. A Blurry Landscape
  12. Under the Cherry Tree
  13. Lost Object
  14. Dawn
  15. An Awning of Reeds
  16. A Good Bath
  17. By the Sea
  18. Ten Years Later...

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