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Underground Kids Manga by Nana Shiiba

Underground Kids Manga% aka: Angura Kizzu, Gakuen Onmitsu Torimono
Comedy, Mystery, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
1 Volumes, 5 Chapters, 200 Pages
Scans by: Enchantment Scans
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Series Brief Review
Everyday Kimi's belongings were searched and destroyed, and she always felt that someone was watching her. They said that the school's secret organization solves all the problems within the school's ground thus she gathered up her courage, and went to them for help. Little did she know, this organization actually consisted of 3 "Money-loving" people...can they solve her problem safely? (Enchantment Scans)

Fake (Extra Story)
Miki rolls her eyes just by looking at the girls who are squealing over the beautiful guys of the Disciplinary Committee. She's got the braids, the glasses, the uniform, and the textbook to AVOID having contact with the Committee. No tardies, violations, or absences; now, because of that, she's part of the Disciplinary Committee!

Summer Love Paradise (Extra Story)
Ichiha's friends take her to the beach with them, hoping she'll get over her troubles with her past four boyfriends. She unexpectedly meets the unpleasant lifeguard, Kouta, though.

Volume 1

  1. 1st Curtain. The Chapter Of Welcome To The Secret Base
  2. 2nd Curtain. The Chapter Of One Big Problem!?
  3. The Last Story. The Chapter Of Big Catch In School
  4. Story 2. Fake
  5. Story 3. Summer Love Paradise

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