» Tsubame - Hidamari Shoujo Kikou

Tsubame - Hidamari Shoujo Kikou Manga by Noriyuki Matsumoto

Tsubame - Hidamari Shoujo Kikou Manga% aka: Tsubame
Seinen, Slice of Life
1 Volumes, 12 Chapters, 109 Pages
Scans by: Colourful Abyss
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Series Brief Review
Full color manga drawn for the purpose of "expressing the beauty of Japan". It is a collection of several slice-of-life stories of girls living in various locations in Japan, set against beautiful man-made and natural scenery that surrounds them.

Volume 1

  1. Hibiscus And Ryuuguu-jou Taketomi Island
  2. Time Capsule Of The Stars Ishigaki Island
  3. Hill And Cat And Sea Breeze And Nagasaki
  4. Northern Illumination
  5. The Tower Of Yearning (Beginning)
  6. The Tower Of Yearning (Conclusion)
  7. From The Flower Of The Wind To The Flower Of Sakura Toono
  8. The Wind And Sound From Shimanami (Beginning)
  9. The Wind And Sound From Shimanami (Conclusion)
  10. The Maid And The Western-style House
  11. Summer Sky RUNRUN Girl (Beginning)
  12. Summer Sky RUNRUN Girl (Conclusion)

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