» Touhou Bougetsushou: Silent Sinner in Blue

Touhou Bougetsushou: Silent Sinner in Blue Manga by ZUN, Eda AKI

Touhou Bougetsushou: Silent Sinner in Blue Manga% aka: Touhou Ephemeral Moon Vignette - Silent Sinner in Blue , Silent Sinner in Blue
Action, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen
3 Volumes, 22 Chapters, 566 Pages
Scans by: Gaku Gaku Animal Land
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Series Brief Review
One of the manga that take place in the Touhou series (mainly known for the games by Team Shanghai Alice)
Loosely connected to the story of Imperishable Night, Silent Sinner in Blue takes us to the previously unseen Moon and it's Lunar Capitol.

Volumes:   1 2 3

Volume 1

  1. Prologue
  2. The Sage's Plan
  3. The Jewelled Rabbit's Letter
  4. The Scarlet Rocket
  5. Our Old Friend, The Rainy Moon
  6. The Sumiyoshi Project
  7. The Three-God Moon Rocket
  8. The Princesses of The Moon

Volume 2

  1. The Sage's Letter
  2. Sumiyoshi In Blue
  3. Illusionary Cape Canaveral
  4. Flying The Blue Sky
  5. The Sea Of Prosperity
  6. The Beauty Of The Moon's Surface
  7. The Metal Showdown

Volume 3

  1. The Stardust Human
  2. A Map From An Old Friend
  3. The 27-1/3 Trap
  4. The Lunar Mastermind
  5. The Bound God Of The Great Earth
  6. That Final Trace Of Impurity
  7. The Blue Feast

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