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Strange Mansion Manga by Yuna Kagesaki

Strange Mansion Manga% aka: Strange Apartment
Comedy, Gender Bender, Seinen
1 Volumes, 13 Chapters, 175 Pages
Scans by: Cougarpeople, Teaparty, Stupid Group Name
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Series Brief Review
Koyoki goes to Tokyo and move next door to the boy Shirohai that she liked in High school. When she went to visit, a girl greeted the door instead, Whom she thought was the boy's girlfriend or older sister turns out it was Shirohai Sempai. What happened? Shirohai confessed to the captain of the Oandan, but the captain turned him down...saying he's not interested in men, so Shirohai came back six month later with some changes and they have been living together since. He is hiding from his family, since his father will kill him if he finds out, he was raised to be the man of men so his family can't find out.

Volume 1

  1. Room 1: A Stalker Who Doesn't Realize It
  2. Room 2: I Quit Being A Guy
  3. Room 3: Screaming Love Out The Train Window
  4. Room 4: Divulging And Revealing The Secrets
  5. Room 5: Pretty Panties
  6. Room 6: The Circumstances Surrounding Shirahai-Sempai
  7. Room 7: Terror! The Curse Of The Trumpet
  8. Room 8: The Steaming Hot Afternoon
  9. Room 9: Trespassing Sister Going Mad
  10. Room 10: Stalker Exposed
  11. Room 11: Between Love And Strangeness
  12. Room 12: I'll Wait For You ~Stalker's Edition
  13. Room 13: You're Welcome Anytime

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