» Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Manga by Akira Kanda

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Manga% aka: Soteot, Star Ocean 3: The End of Time
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi, Shounen
7 Volumes, 35 Chapters, 1412 Pages
Scans by: Jan Ken Pon, Something-Or-Other Scanslations
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Series Brief Review
Based on the popular PS2 games is Star Ocean the End of Time.
Twelve heroes thwarted the Ten Wise Men's plot to destroy the universe. Four hundred years have since passed. The date is SD 772. The Pangalactic Federation has already explored one third of the Milky Way, and continues to research in its insatiable quest for even more power. In that time, the young Earthling Fayt Leingod and his family visit Hyda, a resort planet in the Pangalactic Federation when, suddenly, an unknown military space force attacks Hyda. The assault leaves buildings destroyed and the resort's natural surroundings in ruin. Amidst the chaos, Fayt attempts to escape with Sophia and the other resort guests to an emergency shelter, joining his parents along the way. But even their escape route falls under attack. Fayt manages to reach the shelter, but he is separated from his parents...

Volumes:   1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Volume 1

  1. A Destined Day
  2. Star Ocean
  3. Drifting Ashore
  4. Ruins Of Corfer
  5. Extra Story. Sophia's Summer Of '72

Volume 2

  1. Cliff Fitter
  2. Star Of Fate
  3. Planet Elicoor 2
  4. Airegliph Underground Prison
  5. Extra Story. Seaharts Spy's First Day

Volume 3

  1. Larva Crab
  2. Squall
  3. Cirlsour
  4. Crossing Karlsa Mountains
  5. Extra Story. One Night At Cirsour

Volume 4

  1. Cirlsour Mountain Paths
  2. The Village Of Arias
  3. Cirlsour's Training Facility
  4. Trading Town Peterny
  5. Extra Story. Course Of Love

Volume 5

  1. Duggus Forest (Part One)
  2. Duggus Forest (Part Two)
  3. The Road To Aquaria
  4. Runological Weapon
  5. Decisive Battle

Volume 6

  1. The Truth
  2. Maria Traydor
  3. The Past
  4. Crosell
  5. Extra Story. Ameena's True Character

Volume 7

  1. Father
  2. Reunion
  3. New World
  4. Creator
  5. Creation Of The Universe

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