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Sprout Manga by Atsuko Nanba

Sprout Manga% Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Slice of Life
7 Volumes, 28 Chapters, 1224 Pages
Scans by: Ochibichan
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Series Brief Review
Reality isn't a shoujo manga, and Miku Ikenouchi's friends know that perfectly well. But then again, they are not Miku-chan. The reason for this is that Miku-chan has a boyfriend, a third year, and is content with what she has. But then a chain of events occur which leaves Miku-chan with a rival (for cuteness), her father quitting his job... and a new roommate?

Volumes:   1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Volume 1

  1. Smooth Sailing Youth
  2. Natural Destroyer
  3. A Visitor
  4. A Close Encounter

Volume 2

  1. A Noisy Night
  2. Early Summer's Weekend
  3. Indoors And Outdoors
  4. After School

Volume 3

  1. The Way Home
  2. Morning Has Come
  3. Afternoon Storm
  4. Milky Way

Volume 4

  1. Night At The Mountain
  2. The Next Day For Both Of Them
  3. Big Incident
  4. Late Night Phone Call

Volume 5

  1. Staying Over
  2. The Number One Girl
  3. I'm Home
  4. Autumn Breeze

Volume 6

  1. Family Affairs
  2. Inside My Heart
  3. Tears
  4. After Commotion

Volume 7

  1. After Rain
  2. A Storm
  3. The Last Day
  4. Love

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