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Silvery Crow Manga by Akimine Kamijyo

Silvery Crow Manga% aka: Shirogane no Karasu
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen
3 Volumes, 25 Chapters, 637 Pages
Scans by: Mako-Scans, Kuu
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Series Brief Review
John Elegadine, a curry lover and a professional thief, encounters Lu Larue, a thief lock picker, as he was taking a stroll through a bazaar. With the two together, they are to find the legendary demon stone that is scattered into thirteen pieces around the world. Once the pieces are put back together, the demon stone is willing to grant a wish upon the user's desire.

Volumes:   1 2 3

Volume 1

  1. The First Night. The Silvery Crow
  2. The Second Night. OWL
  3. The Third Night. Starting A Thieves' Guild
  4. The Fourth Night. Pork Curry
  5. The 5th Night. The Demon Stone
  6. The 6th Night. I Wish

Volume 2

  1. The 7th Night. Kuroi
  2. The 8th Night. Riding The Wind
  3. The 9th Night. The Floating City
  4. The 10th Night. Little Mouse
  5. The 11th Night. New Awakenings
  6. The 12th Night. Chains
  7. The 13th Night. The Truth Of The Demon Stone
  8. The 14th Night. Generation
  9. The 15th Night. Monster

Volume 3

  1. The 16th Night. A Truly Noble Thief
  2. The 17th Night. Appearance
  3. The 18th Night. Lu's Move
  4. The 19th Night. Fukurou's Rhapsody
  5. The 20th Night. Black Feathers
  6. The 21st Night. Inside The Stomach
  7. The 22nd Night. The Great Battle!!
  8. The 23rd Night. Time To Face Destiny
  9. The 24th Night. The Void Of Fluttering Feathers
  10. The 25th Night. The Demon Lord's Resurection!

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