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Shuu 7 Manga by Ayu Fujimiya

Shuu 7 Manga% aka: 7 Kiss, Sweet Little Winter
Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
1 Volumes, 4 Chapters, 205 Pages
Scans by: Intercross, Osuwari Team
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Series Brief Review
1. Shuu7 (7 Days of Week)
Kae likes Seto from her summer job, but when she's about to confess she accidentally sees Seto confessing to another woman who turns out to be married. After Kae sees Seto turned down and heart-broken she bids him farewell...and meets again in school...will Kae finally confess to Seto...? will Seto whose field of vision is narrow recognize Kae...?

2. LoveChuu (In Love)
Saya is an energetic girl who loves high places, but is always teased by Ryou Natsume. Although Saya considers him as a "Black Devil King" she loves him all the same, but is afraid to confess in fear of being ridiculed and teased by him...

3. Koi no Kajitsu (Fruit of Love)
Yuzuhara had to quit the track and field team due to an injury and is down because of that...then one day Tooda Shuuhei pops in at the window where she sits and asks her to date him...although shocked Yuzuhara agrees him to see at her window seat for a month until her seat changes...but on the last day before her seat changes Shuuhei doesn't turn up...

4. Sweet Little Winter
Kaoru has liked Nayuki since childhood. Nayuki has only thought of him as a little kid whom she takes care of, but when she found out that Kaoru was going to go to another high school, Nayuki was surprised when she realized she didn't want Kaoru to go...

Volume 1

  1. Story 1. Shuu7 (7 Days of Week)
  2. Story 2. LoveChuu (In Love)
  3. Story 3. Koi no Kajitsu (Fruit of Love)
  4. Story 4. Sweet Little Winter

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