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Shoujo Nemu Manga by Hirosuke Kizaki, Garon Tsuchiya

Shoujo Nemu Manga% aka: The Girl Nemu
Drama, Fantasy, Seinen, Slice of Life
1 Volumes, 10 Chapters, 252 Pages
Scans by: Kotonoha
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Series Brief Review
Based on a script by the author of Old Boy and brought to life by the late manga genius Hirosuke Kizaki, Shoujo Nemu tells the moving story of Nemu, a young girl who dreams of becoming a manga artist. Even though people couldn't tell because of her shyness, Nemu possesses extraordinary talent, but it's not until her encounter with Goro, a veteran manga artist plagued with self-doubt, that she begins to realize the true nature of her passion. What follows is an unusual friendship that ends up changing both their lives.

Volume 1

  1. When We Dream
  2. A Premonition
  3. A Distant Voice
  4. What The Full Moon Brings
  5. A Special Night
  6. A Little Determination
  7. Double Booking
  8. Capricious Goro
  9. Goro, Gone
  10. Hotel

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