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Seishun no Tamago Manga by Aya Nakahara

Seishun no Tamago Manga% aka: Spring Egg
Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life
1 Volumes, 6 Chapters, 200 Pages
Scans by: Ochibichan
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Series Brief Review
Collection of short stories:

Spring Egg
Chika's house was actually just an old lodging house, but due to the location, her parents decided to turn it into a student dorm for the college students. One day, she meets her first love, Fujimori Tomohiro, a college student who will be living at her house! But, Chika's mother had made him signed an agreement that he can't go after Chika-chan?! How would their love bloom?!

Sunflower Girl
Misaki likes Kenji but she doesn't have the courage to confess. Now that summer break is close, she plans to give him a love letter, but...

Happiness Faces South!
Sakura used to like her sensei, but now that he has a girlfriend she decides not to like anyone else. Bon, a college student sees her playing softball and falls for her. Will Sakura be able to fall for him too??

Prince and I
Mari has always liked her next-door neighbord Kaoru, but he always treats her like an old hag. Then Mari's sempai confesses to her. What will Kaoru do?

2 Block Honey
Satoshi's girlfriend used to be a crybaby, short and cute. That was a year ago! Now she's taller than him and likes to wear high heels. How does Satoshi feel?

Spring, Air, Sunday

Volume 1

  1. Spring Egg
  2. Sunflower Girl
  3. Happiness Faces South!
  4. Prince and I
  5. 2 Block Honey
  6. Spring, Air, Sunday

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