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Sandland Manga by Akira Toriyama

Sandland Manga% aka: Sand Land
Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen
1 Volumes, 14 Chapters, 216 Pages
Scans by: MangaReactor
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Series Brief Review
In Sandland the most important thing is water. That also knows Belzebub. As the son of the devil he has to train hard to become a "good" demon one day. But when a stranger asks him for help, he simply breaks off his training. From now on his goal is to find a legendary spring, which must be located somewhere in the south of Sandland and is heavily guarded by the ruthless king. For a devil fun and action are very important and therefor Belzebub and his companions go from one adventure to another. On his journey he is accompanied by some strange characters: a sheriff with a dubious past and Sheef, a demon who has specialized in stealing...

Volume 1

  1. Let's go!
  2. Everything lost
  3. The Hair Spray Trick
  4. Air Tank
  5. Dark Powewr
  6. Rao's Talisman
  7. Tank Battle
  8. General Shiba vs. General Are
  9. Surprise in Sandstirm
  10. The Mystic Spring
  11. The Secret of the Mystic Spring
  12. Belzebub Superstar
  13. Judgement Day
  14. The River

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