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Sakuratetsu Taiwahen Manga by Ryu Fujisaki

Sakuratetsu Taiwahen Manga% Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Supernatural
2 Volumes, 17 Chapters, 309 Pages
Scans by: Aku-Tenshi
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Series Brief Review
In the center on a metropolis city lies a small, shaky-looking house. A normal... Okay... Not so normal high school student, Sakura Tetsu (and his family), who works day and night relentlessly to support his family's living expenses, lives there. All is normal until one day, people from the future, alien pirates from outer space, appear. The underground kingdom claims Tetsu's land. Will he prevail in protecting his own land? Or will he surrender his land into many more invaders to come? Yes... Weirdness and insanity ensues!

Volumes:   1 2

Volume 1

  1. Chapter 1: The Stage is Set!
  2. Chapter 2: Invasion From The Prince Of Hell Nietzsche!
  3. Chapter 3: Invasion Of The Monster Augustinus!
  4. Chapter 4: Invasion Of Schobenhauer, God Of Assholes!
  5. Chapter 5: Invasion Of The Japanese President, Dewy, Who Could Say "Non!"
  6. Chapter 6: Invasion Of The Schizophrenic Zoroaster!
  7. Chapter 7: Invasion Of The Devilish Pretty-Boy, Kiseno (Part 1)
  8. Chapter 8: Invasion Of The Devilish Pretty-Boy, Kiseno (Part 2: The Secret Of The Sakura Family)

Volume 2

  1. Chapter 9: Invasion Of Rakan, The Narcissist From The Country Of Mirrors!
  2. Chapter 10: Humankind's Expiration Date! Fuukou's Invasion! First Half!
  3. Chapter 10.5: The End Of Humanity! Fuukou's Invasion! Second Half!
  4. Chapter 11: The Space Between Manga And Reality
  5. Chapter 11.5: A Super-Powerful Invader. The Invasion Of The Reader!
  6. Chapter 12: Descent Of The Manga God!!
  7. Chapter 12.5: The Existance Of The Manga World
  8. Chapter 13: The Final Invader
  9. Instead Of Chapter 14: The Desert Wilderness Not A Sigle Drop Of Water

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