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Pugyuru Manga by Tohiro Konno

Pugyuru Manga% Comedy, Ecchi, Seinen, Supernatural
7 Volumes, 21 Chapters, 1188 Pages
Scans by: Sailor Spork Productions, JapaneseMaidCookingSpaghetti
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Series Brief Review
One day, an un-named ordinary high school girl (her name is left to your imagination), met Cheko, a maid sent forth from a village of maids. Cheko the maid can melt, fly, remove her head and violate physics.
Surrounding "Ordinary high school girl" and her strange little maid are yuki-onna's who hate cold, cute squid that can speak, moe yankees, tsundere maid assasins, ecchi lesbian teachers, trap yuki-otoko's, gentlemenly yakuza and many more.

Volumes:   1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Volume 1

  1. The Earth-Shattering Chapter
  2. The Mind-Soothing Chapter
  3. The Invincible Chapter
  4. Bonus Manga. Cheko Cheko Hour

Volume 2

  1. The Chapter Of Fall Eel Catching
  2. The Chapter Of The Fox's Razor Blade
  3. The Chapter Of The Sparrow's Red Pepper

Volume 3

  1. Modest Days Part
  2. Hisame Arrival Part

Volume 4

  1. Confusion Of Youth Chapter
  2. Nameless Main Character Chapter
  3. Warm Winter Snow Woman Chapter
  4. Omake. Steady Progress

Volume 5

  1. First Part: Rumbling Earth!! Advent Of The Demonic Goddess, Kanato's Mother!!
  2. Second Part: Stride Forth! Into The Prime Time Of Youth!!
  3. Part 3: Can You See It!? The Maid Star Is Shining In The Heavens!!

Volume 6

  1. First Part: Powder Snow Festival
  2. Middle Part: Supper Of Misfortune
  3. End Part: Maid-Type O-Parts

Volume 7

  1. First Part: Nice To Meet You!! Before The Final Chapter, A Pathetic Maid Robot Appears
  2. Final Part: Goodbye Pugyuru, And Then

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