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Proclaiming and Loving Manga by Yi Huan

Proclaiming and Loving Manga% Drama, Historical, Romance, Shoujo, Manhua
5 Volumes, 21 Chapters, 845 Pages
Scans by: Lila Wolves
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Series Brief Review
A man and a woman meet in a time far from ours, in the ancient time of China. Love blossoms between the man and the woman, but this isn't an easy time to love. And together they need to fight for the love they share together. Follow Liu Pu wei and Lu kou in a love story that takes you to the ancient time of China.

Volumes:   1 2 3 4 5

Volume 1

  1. First Meeting
  2. Slowly Emotional
  3. Love And A Murderous Intent
  4. Think To Some Extent
  5. Nefarious Night

Volume 2

  1. Slowly Turning Into Love
  2. Sky Of Love - Fire Of Pain
  3. Hidden Feelings
  4. The Love Without A Directions
  5. The Spring Wedding

Volume 3

  1. Murder Of Destiny
  2. A Love Like Water
  3. Savior
  4. Two Sides Of The Wind

Volume 4

  1. The Reunion
  2. The North Side
  3. Reunion
  4. The Fierce Jealously

Volume 5

  1. Closely Bonded
  2. Heart Wound
  3. Peace An Ending

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