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Popcorn Avatar Manga by Koichiro Hoshino

Popcorn Avatar Manga% Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Shounen
6 Volumes, 29 Chapters, 971 Pages
Scans by: Japanzai, helz0ne, Muda Scantrad
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Series Brief Review
One rainy night, Wada, a young teenage boy, standing near the edge of a bridge over a raging river - is on a depressing brink towards committing suicide. Suddenly, a beautiful blonde foreign girl, named Lisa, mysteriously appears. Who is this cheerful girl? And why is she dressed as a cheerleader? Wada wasn't interested and tries to ignore her, but Lisa kicks him off the bridge, and says "try flying." And to his surprise, he does. This power, where did it come from?
It seems that there is a war between the gods and demons. And by fate, the result of this war is tied to Wada. Upon learning this, Wada does not look very pleased. Was this his purpose - his destiny? What will he choose? Does he even have a choice? Afterall, Lisa, the goddess cheering him on, is surprisingly his classmate.

Volumes:   1 2 3 4 5 6

Volume 1

  1. The Goddess Cheerleader
  2. Youth Fly-Out!?
  3. Going To School
  4. Dismissal - Smell Of Danger!?

Volume 2

  1. The Love Game Of Asura And Man?
  2. Big Brother's A Worry-Wart
  3. Afternoon Tea Time
  4. Rendezvous With God
  5. Penalty

Volume 3

  1. An Idiot Couple Beyond Redemption
  2. An Angelic Girl
  3. Siblings And Siblings
  4. My Personal Goddess
  5. Picking A Partner Is A Big Deal

Volume 4

  1. Kai's Feelings
  2. Vritra
  3. Mother And Son
  4. Varna
  5. Ravanna

Volume 5

  1. Friends? Are They Absent?!
  2. Infiltrating Teacher
  3. People Who Recover Very Quickly
  4. My Crusher
  5. A Fight With A Friend

Volume 6

  1. The Girl's Name Is... Kurara
  2. What A Nice Bath... Yup
  3. The Two Hostages
  4. Gods (Not Equal To) Humans
  5. From The Very First Time We Met

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