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Nante Zurui Otoko Manga by Riko Yamanaka

Nante Zurui Otoko Manga% aka: Come to My Side, Kimi ni Makasenasai!, Kimi wo Itadaki!, Unfair Man, What a Sly Guy, Wolf Cherry
Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
1 Volumes, 5 Chapters, 191 Pages
Scans by: Intercross
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Series Brief Review
Collection of short stories.
Story 1. Nante Zurui Otoko (What a Sly Guy)
Yoshino Nene is a 16-year-old girl who fell in love at first sight with Fukazu-san, a man 9 years older than her. She sends him emails, trespasses (?), and intensely hits on him, but he won't respond to her. Finally, he told her: "I won't ever fall in love". But he looked very sad when he said that. Nene wants to know his real intentions...

Story 2. Kimi ni Makasenasai!
After confessing to someone and being rejected, the infamous girly second year, Kaji-senpai who witnessed the whole thing offers to pick Tajima Rika up. And so begins Rika's transformation into a cute girl through Kaji-senpai's hands.

Story 3. Come to My Side
Uchino Tomaki, a 17 year old girl, becomes interested in her younger brother's friend, Shun.

Story 4. Kimi wo Itadaki!
About a girl who cannot stop feeling the need to compete with her childhood friend. Her uneasy feeling has made her never thought anything other than competing. Then a confession comes for her.

Story 5. Wolf Cherry
A girl bumps into a classmate and finds out his secret... He's a shoujo mangaka!

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Volume 1

  1. What A Sly Guy
  2. Leave It To You
  3. Stay By Me
  4. I'll Have You!
  5. Wolf Cerry

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