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Miyasaka Kaho Kessakushuu Manga by Kaho Miyasaka

Miyasaka Kaho Kessakushuu Manga% aka: After School, Houkago wa Koi no Yokan, The Best Of Miyasaka Kaho
Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Slice of Life
1 Volumes, 5 Chapters, 196 Pages
Scans by: Chibi Manga
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Series Brief Review
A series of one-shots by Kaho Miyasaka.
Story 1. Houkago wa Koi no Yokan (After School)
Sarara has been going out with her first boyfriend for over a week but they haven't progressed past going home from school together. Kawatori is a year younger, tall and cute, a little weird and quite, but she knows that he's a very kind person and loves his sweet smell. She adores sweets and cakes, and regularly visits her favourite cake shop, however Kawatori says that he doesn't even like cakes! With Christmas approaching and Kawatori saying that he's too busy to see her, is Sarara right in thinking that he's not really interested in her and is already cheating? What's he being so secretive about? Will they ever be able to have the sweet Christmas together of her dreams?

Story 2. Yuuwaku Danjon
Natsumi has been by Ryo-kun's site for years and still didn't confess her feellings. He's a year younger then her and tries to get in to Keisou university, tall, cute and a bit unsocial. When she brags about him to her friends everything goes wrong. Will they ever be together?

Story 3. Yozora ni Kiss
Hitomi is the leader of the culture festival committee. Since she is transferring, she wants to do something special for the last time. Matsunaga-kun, the chairman, helps her planning. Hitomi has feelings for him, but she isn't brave enough to tell him. She sticks with making memories of him, but what happens when he doesn't want her to transfer....

Story 4. Powder Snow ni Kiss
Story 5. Tokimeki no Private School

Volume 1

  1. Story 1. After School (Houkago wa Koi no Yokan)
  2. Story 2. Yuuwaku Danjon
  3. Story 3. Yozora ni Kiss
  4. Story 4. Powder Snow ni Kiss
  5. Story 5. Tokimeki no Private School

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