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Milk Crown H! Manga by Aqua Mizuto

Milk Crown H! Manga% Comedy, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural
5 Volumes, 29 Chapters, 939 Pages
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Series Brief Review
Continuation of Milk Crown, Milk Crown H, a romantic comedy with a cute plot, is by Mizuto Aqua (the accuracy of translation is unknown). It is the story of Tachibana Oto, a ditzy girl who works at the Class Z dormitory as a maid to earn her school tuition. On her way to the dorm, she bumps into a gang of fighting people. When she interferes to break up the fighting, she was pushed around. A mysterious stranger, with GOD tattooed on his arm and a partly-dyed fringe, timely comes to her rescue. He turns out to be Goryukanda Jin, dormitory head of Class Z, the people considered elite to others because of the various talents they hold.

Though not in full recognition, Oto instantly falls in love with Jin for his daring ways and the un-human like traits he holds. She soon meets the other residents of Class Z, some who seem ordinary, some who seem strange, and some who seems extraordinary. The manga goes on with her life at Class Z, as she gradually discovers each of the residentís talents and goes through, inevitable in the manga world, obstacles and seemly wrong decisions.

Volumes:   1 2 3 4 5

Volume 1

  1. High 1. Becoming 2nd Year Students
  2. High 2. Wakuwaku Vs Dokidoki
  3. High 3. Special Step
  4. High 4. Straight Love
  5. High 5. Let's Play Together
  6. High 6. Triangular

Volume 2

  1. High 7. Will Be Stormy
  2. High 8. Danger
  3. High 9. Pure Thoughts
  4. High 10. I'm Lonely, Even Though I Think Of You.
  5. High 11. Here Comes the Bride
  6. High 12. YES!!

Volume 3

  1. High 13. Nakuta
  2. High 14. Hello! Rival
  3. High 15. Sanctuary ~Sacred Place~
  4. High 16. Servant At Your Service
  5. High 17. For The Sake Of Fighting On
  6. High 18. Don't Be Late

Volume 4

  1. High 19. Being "Special"
  2. High 20. Festive Stales, Love Pales
  3. High 21. I Want To See You, I Want To Help You
  4. High 22. A Girl In Love, Strong And Dreamy
  5. High 23. I Can't Live On If I Give Up
  6. High 24. Successor

Volume 5

  1. High 25. I Want To Be Strong...
  2. High 26. Last Battle
  3. High Last. Together Forever
  4. New 1. The Sleeping Ryuu Palace, Carved In Time
  5. New 2. The Crown Of Moon And Snow

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