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Meteod Manga by Haruka Shii

Meteod Manga% aka: Meteodo, Meteorite Breed
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-fi, Shounen
4 Volumes, 37 Chapters, 788 Pages
Scans by: TearsDrop
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Series Brief Review
Thirty years ago a series of meteorites rained down on Earth, destroying much of civilization. Decades later, pockets of humanity are beginning to reemerge, but many of the children who have been born after the crisis have been mutated by radiation from the meteorites. They are called the Meteorite Breed.

Tooi, a fourteen years old kid that eats a lot, is one of the Meteorite Breed. But he is a rare one...

Volumes:   1 2 3 4

Volume 1

  1. Tooi, 14 Years Old
  2. The Mysterious Room 102
  3. The Trouble Debris
  4. Junior High School
  5. For the Sake Of Someone
  6. Observer's Work
  7. Rinhao, 14 Years Old

Volume 2

  1. The Same Age Magic
  2. Not The Time To Quarrel
  3. First Wagashi Cup Eating Contest
  4. Great Movement
  5. Investigation Of Pollution Zone
  6. Level 1 Area
  7. Parting Cave
  8. Level 2 Area
  9. Person Liked
  10. The Other Meteodo

Volume 3

  1. Bad Feeling
  2. Level 3 Area
  3. Meteodo Fight
  4. Important Thing
  5. True Feeling
  6. Nadeshiko, In A Distant Place
  7. Meteodo-Nigen
  8. Observer's Way
  9. Entrusting Hope
  10. Ultimate Weapon

Volume 4

  1. Number One
  2. The Visitor
  3. Work And Friend
  4. Approved Evolution
  5. What Are You Fighting For?
  6. Shiba's Purpose
  7. Reason To Fight
  8. The Person Who Can't Be Defeated
  9. Let The Lovely Child Go On Journey
  10. Taking Leave-end

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