» Melty Blood ACT:2

Melty Blood ACT:2 Manga by French Bread, Type-Moon, Takeru Kirishima

Melty Blood ACT:2 Manga% Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural
2 Volumes, 21 Chapters, 490 Pages
Scans by: Twilight Dreams Scans, Ala Atra, DBR
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Series Brief Review
Miyako has a horrible premonition about her brother Shiki and sets off to rescue him
Based on Type-Moon's visual novel game, Tsukihime, it later spawned an arcade version, titled Act Cadenza, that was developed by Ecole Software and has also been ported to the PlayStation 2. Act Cadenza is the first Type-Moon title to receive a PlayStation 2 port.

Volumes:   1 2

Volume 1

  1. Chinese Girl!
  2. Troublesome Vision
  3. Another Wonder
  4. PE-RI-CA
  5. Lurk
  6. Noble Mind
  7. Bad Presentment
  8. Extra Stage: Ciel....Afterwards...
  9. Extra Stage 2: Melty Blood
  10. Extra Stage 3: The End of the Dream

Volume 2

  1. Nightmare Now...
  2. Go Go My Mecha
  3. Go Go My Mecha Hisui (X2)
  4. Go Our Mecha-Hisui^3
  5. Silent Rumble
  6. Extra 4: Another Episode
  7. That Fellow, G
  8. That Fellow, G Sequel
  9. Underdog
  10. The Strongest Enemy
  11. Day Dream

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