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Melancholic Princess Manga by Su Lan You

Melancholic Princess Manga% Historical, Romance, Shoujo, Manhua
5 Volumes, 26 Chapters, 660 Pages
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Series Brief Review
A reporter discovers an untouched ancient tomb in inland China, which leads to a series of other startling revelations. What do his recurring dreams of the beautiful princess mean? Can modern technology triumph over an ancient curse?....

Volumes:   1 2 3 4 5

Volume 1. Tomb of A Princess

  1. Dark Underground Palace
  2. Silhouette In Moon Lights
  3. Surprising Attack
  4. Prophet Shang Xuan
  5. Confusion

Volume 2. The Seven Mirrors' Stories Part.1

  1. A Light Sign
  2. Crying Blue Lotus
  3. The Underground Palace
  4. Dancing with Flowers
  5. The General With A Sword

Volume 3. The Seven Mirrors' Stories Part.2

  1. Anguish Roar
  2. Intermingling
  3. Palace Romance
  4. The Bodyguard
  5. Magic Axes

Volume 4. The Seven Mirrors' Stories Part.3

  1. Feeling
  2. Love and Death
  3. Waiting Fate
  4. Past
  5. A Broken Dream

Volume 5. The Seven Mirrors' Stories Part.4

  1. Dust in Wind
  2. An Ancient Tune
  3. Morning Tide
  4. Long Come and Gone
  5. The Last Chapter
  6. Extra

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