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Mato-chan Manga by Shinichi Yuuki

Mato-chan Manga% Comedy, Josei
1 Volumes, 20 Chapters, 134 Pages
Scans by: Marshmallow Scans
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Series Brief Review
Mato-chan is the prequel to Chiro-chan, a 4-koma and from the same author/mangaka too. It's about a grade school girl who really loves bugs.

Volume 1

  1. The Day Duty Chapter
  2. The Pool Chapter
  3. The Lunch Duty Chapter
  4. The Classwork And Uzu-chan Chapter
  5. The Marathon Chapter
  6. The Mystery Of The Locker Chapter
  7. The Fresh Start Chapter
  8. The Hibernation Chapter
  9. Extra: What If Mato-chan Was...
  10. The Heavy Snow Chapter
  11. The Princess Chapter
  12. Extra: Mato-chan's Summer
  13. The Opening Up Chapter
  14. The Mato-chan Grows Stout Chapter
  15. Extra: Their First **** Book
  16. The Daimon Ranger Chapter
  17. The Young Woman Chapter
  18. Extra: The Last...
  19. The My Bro Chapter
  20. Extra: Yachi-chan

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