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Mai-Otome Manga by Kenetsu Satou

Mai-Otome Manga% aka: Mai Z-HiME
Ecchi, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Harem, Mecha, Romance, School Life, Shounen
5 Volumes, 44 Chapters, 1002 Pages
Scans by: Taruby
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Series Brief Review
Mashiro-hime has just transferred to the all-girls school, Garderobe...but little do the other students know, she's actually a boy. Desperate to escape an all-boys school where he was looked down upon, he disguised himself as the late Mashiro-hime to get in. Unfortunately, due to "her" royal status, members of an organization known as Shwarz are trying to assassinate him, and all the while, he's trying to break his Contract with Arika Yumemiya, who unexpectedly became his Otome to protect him from a member of Shwarz.

Volumes:   1 2 3 4 5

Volume 1

  1. Girl? Meets Girls
  2. The Secret Flower Garden!?
  3. Heaven And Hell
  4. Battle Of The Otome
  5. Someone I Want To Protect
  6. Don't Tell Anyone
  7. Schwarz Entry
  8. Political Talk

Volume 2

  1. Garuderoube Escape
  2. King's Return
  3. Revolutionary Soldier
  4. Meister Robe
  5. Erstin Ho's Tragedy
  6. Super Weapon
  7. Otome's Pinch
  8. Otome vs Maid
  9. Prisoner No17

Volume 3

  1. An Impact Of Divine Terror
  2. Beautiful Pursuer
  3. To The Black Valley
  4. Reunion
  5. The King's Decision
  6. Souten no Seigyoku
  7. A Decisive Round Of Butou
  8. Leaking Confidential Information
  9. The Meaning Of Power

Volume 4

  1. A Time Of Farewell
  2. Coronation Day
  3. A Throne Of Blood
  4. Two Queens
  5. An Otome's Vow
  6. Fuukakyuu Is Burning Down
  7. The Door Of Memories
  8. Garderobe's Assault
  9. A Memory Of Flames

Volume 5

  1. Decision Of An Otome
  2. Time Of Resurrection
  3. Materialise!!
  4. Hime vs Otome
  5. Returning Memories
  6. A Stone That Becomes Pure White
  7. Truth
  8. Jet Black Despair
  9. Welcome To Garderobe

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