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Kuraku Naru Made Matenai Manga by Yuki Yoshihara

Kuraku Naru Made Matenai Manga% aka: A Hot, Romantic Night, I Can't Wait Until Dark
Comedy, Josei, Romance, Supernatural
1 Volumes, 4 Chapters, 188 Pages
Scans by: Aerandria Scans
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Series Brief Review
Collection of 4 Short Stories.

1. Kuraku Naru Made Matenai
Kahoko is like a lovely princess who looks good carrying a parasol. However, she's actually a half vampire who can't handle horror movies! She longs for a love like that of normal humans, but whenever she gets into a good mood with her beloved Komaba-kun, fangs start to show... She's in agony between her instinct and her reasoning...

2. I Can't Stand Not Kissing You
Natsumi has a crush on her childhood friend, Chihiro. But recently in her dreams Natsumi attacks Chihiro by biting him on the neck...

3. Pink Mosaic Kiss
Tomano Miya is always being pestered by AV solicitors. One day Taku from her class helps her out, but only because he wants her in his movie! Supposedly he makes girls look ten times more beautiful...

4. To the Point that I'm Dizzy
Rokurou is the hot captain of the swim club that Megumi is interested in. After running into him and winning the contest, she seems to have made an impression on Rokurou. Is he just playing with her or is he being sincere?

Volume 1

  1. Can't Wait Until Dark
  2. I Can't Stand Not Kissing You
  3. Pink Mosaic Kiss
  4. To The Point That I'm Dizzy

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