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Koudelka Manga by Yuji Iwahara

Koudelka Manga% Adventure, Supernatural
3 Volumes, 15 Chapters, 546 Pages
Scans by: Storm in Heaven, Manga-Mania
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Series Brief Review
This manga is something of a side story to the Playstation game of the same name, though you don't have to have played the game to understand it. London, 1899: A girl with special powers runs away from the sanatorium, a hospital where she'd been kept. Her name is Koudelka, but that's all she remembers about herself. She meets up with a boy called Joshua, and together they flee from the agents of the sanatorium, who seem to be obsessed with her. Will Koudelka be able to escape from her pursuers, regain her memories, and discover the mystery that is her own power?

Volumes:   1 2 3

Volume 1

  1. Scene.1 The Beautiful Fugitive
  2. Scene.2 The Lost Memory
  3. Scene.3 Prostitutes Hall Mary
  4. Scene.4 Convent Garden's Deviless
  5. Scene.5 A Broken Heart

Volume 2

  1. Scene.6 The Memory Recovered
  2. Scene.7 Free Again
  3. Scene.8 The Prostitute's Martydom
  4. Scene.9 A Little Inattention
  5. Scene.10 The Chains of Sacrifice

Volume 3

  1. Scene.11 The Royal Medical Society
  2. Scene.12 The Beginning... and Then The End
  3. Scene.13 Life's Choices
  4. Scene.14 Thus The Weakness...
  5. Scene.15 The Wings of The Future

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