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Koisuru Melody Musume Manga by Miwa Sakai

Koisuru Melody Musume Manga% Shoujo
1 Volumes, 5 Chapters, 195 Pages
Scans by: ShoujoMagic
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Series Brief Review
For people who love musicians, three masterpieces of love! Join Chiaki who didn't expect to fall for the number one night club DJ, Join Mizue who is charmed by the enigmatic music professor, and Hinano who is being followed by the long blonde mailman!! Miwa Sakai's masterpiece, is waiting for you to fall in love with a musician.

Volume 1

  1. Story 01. DJ. Cool
  2. Story 02. Pianist Sou
  3. Story 03. Guitarist Demi
  4. Story 04. Princess Monokui
  5. Omake

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