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King of Fighters Kyo Manga by Masato Natsumoto

King of Fighters Kyo Manga% aka: KoF Kyo, The King of Fighters: Kyo
Action, Shounen
5 Volumes, 11 Chapters, 408 Pages
Scans by: Cabbit
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Series Brief Review
Based on the 2D fighting game series King of Fighters. King of Fighters is a battle between the strongest teams of 3 in the world. The story revolves around Kyo Kusanagi one of Japan's team when they reach the end of the King of Fighters '95 tournament and what follows after they get back to Japan.

Volumes:   1 2 3 4 5

Volume 1

  1. Stage 1. The Opportune Moment To Strike
  2. Stage 2. Falling Flowers, Flowing Water

Volume 2

  1. Stage 3. The Fuel Of Courage
  2. Stage 4. Summer Furnace, Winter Fan

Volume 3

  1. Stage 5. Horse Meaning, Monkey Heart
  2. Stage 6. What To Do During A Sudden Change

Volume 4

  1. Stage 7. Close To No One
  2. Stage 8. Little Good, Great Evil

Volume 5

  1. Stage 9. The Calm After The Storm
  2. Stage 10. Within 5 Miles Of Fog
  3. K.O.F. Kyo Special Report

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