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Karin Manga by Yuna Kagesaki

Karin Manga% aka: Chibi Vampire
Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shounen
12 Volumes, 57 Chapters, 1945 Pages
Scans by: Fairy-Tail, RisQ, zonnikku, Hanaji-scans, Hanashi...
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Series Brief Review
Karin Maaka is the middle child of a family of vampires which immigrated to Japan 200 years ago. Karin, although technically a vampire herself, is very different from the rest of her family. Instead of lacking blood, her body overproduces it. In order to get rid of the excess blood, once a month, she must give in to her urges and find someone to bite. Instead of drinking their blood, she gives them some of hers, leaving both her and her ?gvictim?h feeling refreshed and energetic. Despite these troubles, she still goes to school and holds down a part-time job. Everything is going reasonably well for Karin, until a transfer student, Kenta, joins her class. For some reason, her body instantly reacts to him, and begins producing more blood than she can stand. He eventually finds out about her body?fs problem, which leads to quite a bit of difficulty. Now, yet another complication has been added to Karin?fs already very complicated life.

Volumes:   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 13 14

Volume 1. Karin

  1. Karin's meeting and the the mysterious boy (First impression)
  2. Karin's family and the dangerous afternoon (Hard nut to crack)
  3. Karin's honesty and the stripped mask (Fall off)
  4. Karin's problem and Kenta's distress (Confinement)
  5. Karin's liking and the enchantress (Taste)

Volume 2. Surprisingly She is "The Blood-Making Vampire".

  1. Kenta's doubt and a young girl's words (Doubt)
  2. Anju's plot and Karin's true identity (Plot)
  3. Karin's tears and Kenta's pride (Pride)
  4. Karin's bewilderment and Anju's proposal (Propose)
  5. Kenta's situation and a parent's judgement (Judgement)

Volume 3. Is She a Blood Sucker? NO!! She Is The Blood Filler!

  1. Karin's progress and Ren's smile (Smile)
  2. Karin's contemplation and the questionable couple (Thought)
  3. Fumio's choise and Harumi's resolution (Resolution)
  4. Anju's school and Boogy-kun's homecoming (Anju special)
  5. The household's secret and Karin the "outcast" (Secret)

Volume 4. My Name Is KARIN. I Am Not a Vampire but a Blood Filler. It Repeats Once Again!

  1. Karin's patience and Kenta's resolve (Patience)
  2. Karin's regrets and Kenta's dejection (Uneasy)
  3. Katin's feelings and Ren's indignation (Indignation)
  4. Karin's first love and Maki's meddling (First love)
  5. Ren's graduation, and memories of Hinata (Ren Special)

Volume 5. Run, KARIN! Get away from there! SHE'S COMING!

  1. 19th Embarrassment: Panicked family and wicked grandmother
  2. 20th Embarrassment: Usui-kun's cold and Grandma's Plan (Intrigue)
  3. 21th Embarrassment: A Kiss of blood and the Sleep of Vampires (Thanatos)
  4. 22th Embarrassment: An Assembly of Vampires and Karin's Christmas (Holy Night)
  5. Special 3. James's Lie And Carrera's Pride ~Henry & Carrera Special~
  6. Omake. Kagesagi's Memories Of A Cultural Festival

Volume 6. Mom? Dad? Is it showing OK? YOU will be on an animation? I really don't understand what humans are thinking...

  1. Embarrassment 23: A suspicious pair and Kenta's Anxiety (Anxiety)
  2. Embarrassment 24: Kenta's confusion and Fumio's agitation (Embarrassment)
  3. Embarrassment 25: Kenta's distress and Karin runs sway from home (Run away from home)
  4. Embarrassment 26: Fumio's confession and Kenta's rejection (Refusal)

Volume 7. Under the Sun, Under the Moon, Which is the truth inside ME?

  1. Embarrassment 27: Downhearted Usui-kun and Karin's Coming Out (Coming out)
  2. Embarrassment 28: Karin Running Haro
  3. Embarrassment 29: The Place of Karin's Dream, Kenta's Return (Bond)
  4. Embarrassment 30: Temporary Conclusion and Two People from Now On (Conclusion)

Volume 8. You're always so helpless But still I love you so much My dear sis ... KARIN

  1. Embarrassment 31: Maki's Worry and Karin's Fond Words (Worry)
  2. Embarrassment 32: Things Usui-kun Didn't Know and a New Face Appears (New Face)
  3. Embarrassment 33: Karin's Lovesickness and Yuriya's Secret (Lovesickness)
  4. Embarrassment 34: Maki's Straightenning and Kenta's Self-Restraint (Reserve)
  5. Embarrassment 35: Kenta's Inner Karin and Karin's First Date (First Date)
  6. Special 4) Maki Does Not Know, Karin Cannot Say (Maki Special)

Volume 9

  1. Embarrassment 36
  2. Embarrassment 37: Beginners Couple and Yuria's Deduction ~Beginners~
  3. Embarrassment 38: Yuriya's Secret and Maakas' Scheme ~Scheme~
  4. Embarrassment 39: Yuriya's Confinement and Uncle's Identity ~Identity~

Volume 10

  1. Embarrassment 40: Usui-kun's Birthday And Karin's Present ~Present~

Volume 13

  1. Embarrassment 51. Glark's Speculation And Yuriya's Invitation ~Invitation~
  2. Embarrassment 52. The Marker Family's Search And Kenta's Lead ~Search~
  3. Embarrassment 53. Bridgett's Pleasure And Karin's Resignation ~Resignation~
  4. Embarrassment 54. Karin's Captors And Kenta's Departure ~A Prisoner~
  5. Omake

Volume 14

  1. Embarrassment 55. Karin's Despair And The Fragments Of Sophia ~Fragments~
  2. Embarrassment 56. Yuriya's Confession And A Fight Between Vampires ~Strife~
  3. Embarrassment 57. Returning At Dawn Alive And The Conclusion Of Events ~Dawn~
  4. Embarrassment 58. A Morning Promise Ana A Happy Future ~Wish~
  5. Extras
  6. Omake
  7. Special Story

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