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Jagan wa Gachirin ni Tobu Manga by Kazuhiro Fujita

Jagan wa Gachirin ni Tobu Manga% aka: Wicked Eyes Fly to the Full Moon
Action, Psychological, Seinen, Supernatural
1 Volumes, 7 Chapters, 207 Pages
Scans by: Evil Genius
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Series Brief Review
The mountain gods have sent down a punishment to the people of Japan. An owl by the name of Minerva. All who fall under this owl's gaze die, their eyes spurting out blood. One man stood up to the owl, a famous hunter by the name of Uhei, however just as he was about to loose the finishing bullet, he was interrupted by the American army taking the owl into their care for study.
Thirteen years later, an American warship crashes into a Tokyo harbor, and all the men on board are dead, their eyes bleeding. The owl has been freed, and it now rampages throughout Tokyo, killing at random and in mass amounts. The American government has decided that only Uhei, the man who nearly killed the beast before, can help them. So they send the Delta Force and CIA out to see just how the bird can be brought down...

Volume 1

  1. Hunter From The Forest
  2. Maiden Embarks Towards The City
  3. Army In Despair
  4. Agent Fraught With Darkness
  5. High Speed Car Chase Through The City
  6. Tower Shaken By The Final Duel
  7. The Wicked Eyes Fly To The Full Moon

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