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Itou Junji no Neko Nikki: Yon & Mu Manga by Junji Itou

Itou Junji no Neko Nikki: Yon & Mu Manga% aka: Ito Junji's Cat Diary: Yon & Mu
Comedy, Seinen, Slice of Life
1 Volumes, 10 Chapters, 122 Pages
Scans by: /a/nonymous scanlations, DKThias
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Series Brief Review
Horror manga author Mr. J moves into his new house with his fiancee A-ko. Much to his chagrin, she brings two guests with her.

Volume 1

  1. Muu Shows Up
  2. Yon Attacks
  3. Cat Wand Battle!!
  4. The Happenings Of A Certain Night
  5. Yon Really Is A Strange Cat
  6. Yon's Great Escape
  7. King Yon
  8. Muu's Castration
  9. Unidentified Organism
  10. Without Stepping On Poop, Mucus, Or Cats

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