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Idol no Akahon Manga by Tozen Ujiie

Idol no Akahon Manga% Comedy, Shounen
1 Volumes, 20 Chapters, 172 Pages
Scans by: SCX-Scans
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Series Brief Review
Three girls arrive at a talent agency in the hopes of becoming a popular idol... Unfortunately, only one was selected. However, it is decided in the end they'll combine their efforts and form a threesome idol group, Triple Booking!

Volume 1

  1. The Tree Girls Of Chance
  2. Hello Manager
  3. This Is How I Am But Please Take Good Care Of Me
  4. Sales
  5. First Job
  6. An Idol's Signature
  7. What's Wrong With Biting
  8. A Female Highschool Tutor
  9. We Are Being Watched
  10. Living Alone Like An Idol
  11. The Job Of A CEO
  12. Our Life Record
  13. Treasure Your Chasity
  14. The Yearned-For Relationship
  15. Nice To Meet You, Senpai
  16. Starring Iida Shiho
  17. KORIE-chan
  18. Birthday
  19. 3 Living Together
  20. Afterwards

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