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Hoop Men Manga by Yukinori Kawaguchi

Hoop Men Manga% aka: Hoopmen
Comedy, Shounen, Sports
2 Volumes, 17 Chapters, 395 Pages
Scans by: Nonbiri, Trinity BAKumA, LegACy, CXC Scans, Bod Rangzen
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Series Brief Review
Satou Yuuho gets called out by the cute basketball club manager, Koganei Mao. He thinks that it is a love confession, only to find out that it is only to help the basketball club...

Volumes:   1 2

Volume 1

  1. Hero
  2. The Miracle Combo
  3. Chapter 3
  4. Resignation
  5. The Way Home
  6. Team Number One
  7. Versus Tokiwa Central
  8. That Number 9 Guy

Volume 2

  1. The Top
  2. Debut Kawaguchi Yukinori
  3. Let's Go Scouting
  4. Fujishiro
  5. Crush Him
  6. Talent
  7. Team
  8. Player
  9. Growth

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