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Honki de Nakechau Koi Manga by Rin Minato, Omi Mitsuya, Miyao Nekoyama, Moeri Niiya, Machiko Sakurai, Rie Takahashi

Honki de Nakechau Koi Manga% Comedy, Drama, Psychological, Romance, Shoujo, Tragedy
1 Volumes, 6 Chapters, 278 Pages
Scans by: Alice Dreams
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Series Brief Review
A collection of 6 short stories, each a dramatic love story.
Story 1. Crevasse by Sakurai Machiko
Is it right to just look him from far away? To never talk to him? Is it that there's really no reason to....

Story 2. Te wo Tsunaide ikou by Nekoyama Miyao
Mikiko plans to date Sasaken after the image of his "back was suddenly stamped" in her memory at the entrance ceremony. But how will they progress after a misunderstanding caused by her kouhai, Nari-chan?

Story 3. Aishiteru yo hana by Minato Rin
In a cruel twist of fate, right before Christmas, Hana's husband Tanesaburo is killed when he is hit by a truck. This is the bittersweet story of the young widow's Christmas.

Story 4. Towa no uta by Mitsuya Omi

Story 5. Cinderella no kutsu wo sagashite by Niiya Moeri

Story 6. 1999 nen chikyuu saigo no koi by Takahashi Rie

Volume 1

  1. Story 1. Crevasse
  2. Story 2. Let's Hold Hands And Go
  3. Story 3. I Love You, Hana
  4. Story 4. Endless Song
  5. Story 5. Search For Cinderella's Shoe
  6. Story 6. The Last Love On Earth Of 1999

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