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Honey Moon Manga by Shouko Akira

Honey Moon Manga% Drama, Romance, Shoujo
1 Volumes, 4 Chapters, 190 Pages
Scans by: M.N.M, Da Gurlz Translationz
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Series Brief Review
A collection of sweet love stories:
Story 1. Honey Moon
As her father married again, Mio has a stepbrother. Surprisingly, he is Junpei whom she has been in one-sided love with. The situation complicated her feelings, but they began to live together. Now Mio and Jumpei have to spend three weeks alone.

Story 2. Best Position
Story 3. Cool
Story 4. Last Scene

Volume 1

  1. Story 1. Honey Moon
  2. Story 2. Best Position
  3. Story 3. Cool
  4. Story 4. Last Scene

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