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Henshin Ninja Arashi Manga by Shotaro Ishinomori

Henshin Ninja Arashi Manga% aka: Transforming Ninja Arashi
Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Shounen
2 Volumes, 12 Chapters, 669 Pages
Scans by: HappyScans!, Hokuto no Gun
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Series Brief Review
Hayate's father, Tani no Maju (another loyal "Chiguruma Tou" clansman) had discovered and developed the "Ninja Henshin Jitsu" (Ninja Transforming Magic/Techniques) that enabled man to transform into super powerful "Keshin Ninjas" (Spiritual Ninjas) who would be able to summon and utilize their own inner mystical powers. Majin Sai wanted to use this technique to further "Chiguruma Tou's" cause and make their warriors invincible. Tani No Majyu resisted handing Majin Sai the secrets to this technique believing that in the wrong hands, this technique could pose a monumental threat to Japan. Majin Sai sent one of his "Youkai Ninjas" (Supernatural Ninjas) to steal the secrets of this technique. In the process Tani No Majyu was killed but not before he had shown Hayate the secrets of this process. Enraged, Hayate uses these techniques to tap into his inner mystical powers and becomes the super powered ninja "Arashi" (Storm).

Volumes:   1 2

Volume 1

  1. Metamorphic Ninjas, Dance In The Night
  2. Night Of The Blue Cat
  3. White Fox Runs Through The Wasteland
  4. Behold The Pale Horse, His Name Is Death
  5. The Golden Bull Cries In The Depths Of The Earth

Volume 2

  1. The Bee's Hum Is The Lullaby Of Hell
  2. The Bodhisattva's Fangs Rend The Mist
  3. Lightning Drums Of The Otter Festival
  4. Distant Summer Of The Bamboo Flute
  5. The Cursed Peacock's Mandala
  6. The Bloodwheels Travel On The Path Of The Preta Amithaba
  7. Howling In The Dog God's Village

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