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Hatsukoi Limited Manga by Mizuki Kawashita

Hatsukoi Limited Manga% aka: First Love Limited
Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, Shounen
4 Volumes, 32 Chapters, 679 Pages
Scans by: Readable, FrankyHouse, Ging, Noizy, Mangaddicted...
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Series Brief Review
Being an adolescent girl is just one problem after another. Middle-schooler Arihara Ayumi receives a note from a high-schooler, a very large and intimidating boy, Zaitsu Misao, asking her out. Frightened and intrigued, she doesn't know what to do!

Volumes:   1 2 3 4

Volume 1

  1. Beautiful Girl And Monster
  2. Yamamoto-san
  3. The Everything Girl
  4. Unbalance?
  5. Secret...
  6. The Worrying Brother
  7. More Beloved Than Anything In The World
  8. Pure-Hearted Afro

Volume 2

  1. Tokimeki Dolphin
  2. Reverse Boy!
  3. Before the Snow Begins to Fall
  4. I Want To Say It, But I Can't...
  5. Adolescent Communication
  6. Kotatsu, Bridge And...
  7. Let's Kiss
  8. The Bewitching Watarase-san!

Volume 3

  1. The Shape Of Love
  2. The Melancholy Of The Chocolate Bomber: 1/3 (Ignite)
  3. The Melancholy Of The Chocolate Bomber: 2/3 (Drop)
  4. The Melancholy Of The Chocolate Bomber: 3/3 - Burst
  5. Konohana Sakuya 1/3 (One Flower Bud)
  6. Konohana Sakuya 2/3 (Opened Seam And The Change Of Colour)
  7. Konohana Sakuya 3/3 (In Those Memory, Fully-Blooming)
  8. Kappa Fight!!

Volume 4

  1. Sparkling? Pool! (Part 1)
  2. Sparkling? Pool! (Conclusion)
  3. The Boys' Escape Part 1: The Disappearing Sleepless Dreamers
  4. The Boys' Escape Part 2: The Pursuing Sleepless Dreamers
  5. The Boys' Escape Part 3: Crossing Each Other, The Sleepless Dreamers
  6. The Boys' Escape Part 4: Sprinting, The Sleepless Dreamers
  7. Rainbow Drop
  8. Hatsukoi Limited

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