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Haa Haa Manga by Yuki Yoshihara

Haa Haa Manga% aka: Hah Hah
Comedy, Josei, Romance, School Life, Smut
3 Volumes, 13 Chapters, 583 Pages
Scans by: ShoujoMagic
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Series Brief Review
As the substitute for a teacher on temporary absence, Shibata Seiko is now the teacher of an all-boys' school. As she just made up her mind to be a fantastic teacher, a man has come into her life and took her as his 'sex toy'?! And the man is actually a teacher from Seiko's school!?

Volumes:   1 2 3

Volume 1

  1. The Teacher's Office Is Paradise On Earth
  2. Let's Meet After School
  3. A Drenched Out-of-Class Activity

Volume 2

  1. Must Be Love
  2. A Blooming Flower Is The Prettiest Of All
  3. Love Letter
  4. A Sky Filled With Stars
  5. Yesterday Today Tomorrow

Volume 3

  1. Love's Distance
  2. One Million Dollars Lady
  3. Stranger In The Night
  4. Love Nest
  5. Let's Both Go HAA HAA

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