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Guuzen ka Unmei ka Manga by Touko Minami

Guuzen ka Unmei ka Manga% aka: Coincidence or Destiny, I Miss, Line Heart, Senritsu S
Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
1 Volumes, 5 Chapters, 210 Pages
Scans by: Shinnen, FairyFly
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Series Brief Review
A collection of five short stories
Story 1. Guuzen ka Unmei ka
Ren-chan has a problem: Whenever the girl he confesses to begins to like him back, he gets tired of the relationship. This time, the person he likes is his friend, Ari. Ari agrees to go out with him, thinking that he'll get tired of it if she does, and they'll go back to being friends. But will it really turn out that way...?
Story 2. I Miss
Story 3. Line Heart
Mafuyu has always looked after Yuna, even now when they're both in high school. She's always listened to Yuna and done everything for her... Until she met him...
Story 4. Melody S
Following a painful break up, she is consoled by his beautiful piano playing. The following day, she is moved by his passion... She must know more about him!
Story 5. Guuzen ka Unmei ka + a

Volume 1

  1. Story 1. Guuzen ka Unmei ka
  2. Story 2. Line Heart
  3. Story 3. I Miss
  4. Story 4. Melody S
  5. Story 5. Guuzen ka Unmei ka + a

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