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Gokujou Twins Manga by Nana Shiiba

Gokujou Twins Manga% Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
1 Volumes, 4 Chapters, 195 Pages
Scans by: Intercross, Serenus-Dreamers
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Series Brief Review
A collection of short stories.
1. Gokujou Twins
Morinaga Sara, 16 years old, is a cool, yet calm girl... But in reality, she has this incredibly ugly laugh. Because of the trauma she experienced, she became expressionless. However, the source of her trauma, the twins, who apparently became really good-looking, suddenly appears right in front of her!

2. Chocolate Sensou
Konishi has made Valentine chocolate for her secret crush Nakata-senpai but amidst giving senpai the chocolate, they accidently get handed to Makino Shinichirou. As Konishi says its not for him and hurting Makino's pride in the process, it becomes a game of trying to get her Valentine chocolate back from Makino before the end of the day.

3. Itazura Ouji
Mayuri was asked to be in charge of educating a selfish rich young boy. What will happen to her...?!

4. Katekyo to Obenkyou
Nina has a home tutor who is extremely mean. She considers him the devil. But her feelings get confused when she sees his nice side...

Gokujou Twins - Mio no Jijyou
A short extra to Gokujou Twins.

Volume 1

  1. Story 1. Gokujou Twins
  2. Story 2. Chocolate Sensou
  3. Story 3. Itazura Ouji
  4. Story 4. Katekyo to Obenkyou

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