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Genpei Tenshou Emaki Azamaru Manga by Ippei Tamaki

Genpei Tenshou Emaki Azamaru Manga% aka: Azamaru
Action, Historical, Romance, Seinen
4 Volumes, 25 Chapters, 872 Pages
Scans by: Esthetique
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Series Brief Review
1185. After a very bloody war, two heroes, moreover enemies, are reincarnated in order to continue their eternal fight. Who will be the winner: Benkei, the soldier-monk, or Yoshitsune, the dethroned brother of the current shogun? The only spectator of this confrontation is the young girl Tomoe.

Volumes:   1 2 3 4

Volume 1

  1. Akube From Himuka Province
  2. Vengeance Of The Nameless Man
  3. Cruel Beauty
  4. The Gods Descend Upon Takachiho
  5. The Divine Sword
  6. Unsightly Outcome

Volume 2

  1. Shongun Asashi Appears
  2. The Tornado
  3. Predictions Of An Impossible Love
  4. Sweet Memories, Ghostly Memories
  5. Shongun Asashi Flares Up
  6. The End Of The Second Reign

Volume 3

  1. Wedding In Blood
  2. These Souless Being
  3. Beast Howlings
  4. The Genji Clan's Enfant Terrible
  5. Zan, Rebellious Muse
  6. Unfinished Dreams
  7. Dan No Ura

Volume 4

  1. Prisonners
  2. Akube's Laugh
  3. The Shongun's Reign
  4. The Shongun's Solitude
  5. Akube On Duty Again
  6. Going To Meet Azamaru

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