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Ganota no Onna Manga by Sabishi Uroaki

Ganota no Onna Manga% aka: Gundam Otaku Girl, Gunota Girl, Gunota no Onna
Comedy, Romance, Shounen
3 Volumes, 27 Chapters, 597 Pages
Scans by: Mangawari
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Series Brief Review
Ganota Utsuki leads a normal life, working for a big company in Tokyo. She has just one big secret: she's a giant Gundam otaku and she doesn't want anybody to know! And the fact that her number one love interest despises all things Gundam doesn't help any either.

Volumes:   1 2 3

Volume 1

  1. Suddenly A Gundam Otaku Again!
  2. Hong Kong Nightmare
  3. The Drunkard Returns
  4. Glory To The Gun Navi!
  5. Kishiri Asahi, Gundam PTSD, Launching!
  6. The Fall Of A Gundam Otaku
  7. Ganota's Day Off
  8. Mischief
  9. A Lalah Outfit Made Just For Lala

Volume 2

  1. Lala-chan, Show Me The Path!
  2. Ranger Makabe, Go!
  3. Hospital Visit For A Pitiful Person
  4. Red Suit, White Person
  5. FX Sales War 1
  6. FX Sales War 2 - Sector Strategy
  7. FX Sales War 3 - Tropical Waster Effort
  8. FX Sales War 4 - The Decisive Battle Approaches
  9. FX Sales War 5 - Red Versus White

Volume 3

  1. The Secret Room
  2. You Set Me Up, Didn't You?
  3. The Hermes Girl
  4. The Choice Is Mine!
  5. Makabe, Can You Break Through!?
  6. Makabe's Ruthless Campaign
  7. Farewell, Lala-chan
  8. Red Sweets
  9. Afranshia Ganota

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