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Doraemon Plus Manga by Fujiko F. Fujio

Doraemon Plus Manga% Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Shounen
5 Volumes, 104 Chapters, 987 Pages
Scans by: Doko Demo Doa Manga Scanlations
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Series Brief Review
A collection of short stories that were not published in the 45 volumes of Doraemon.

"Doraemon" is a series about a robotic cat named Doraemon, who travels back in time from the 22nd century to help a schoolboy named Nobita Nobi. Aside from the normal manga books, their great adventures to different places are specially described in Doraemon Long Stories books.

Volumes:   1 2 3 4 5

Volume 1

  1. A Partial Gourmet Table
  2. A Ticking Glove
  3. For Me to Stop Nobita
  4. Substitute Stickers
  5. Half Departing Cloud
  6. A Friendship Chocolate
  7. A Secret Keeper Dog
  8. A Chasing Television
  9. A Concentration Soap Helmet
  10. A Preference Photo Printer
  11. An Elephant Trunk Lipstick
  12. A Flower Recorder
  13. A Mirage Candle
  14. A Lucky Bee
  15. A Future Telling Radio
  16. A Wrapping Cloth to Carry Someone
  17. Thrill Tickets
  18. Misfortunate from Nobita's Point of View
  19. I Want to Have a Strong Pet
  20. A Story of Bell Crickets
  21. Set the Room Guard
  22. Study for the Test You Hate

Volume 2

  1. A Fan to Change One's Mind
  2. Who's the Real Thief?
  3. A Ghost Story
  4. A Substitute Television
  5. An Absconding Scroll
  6. Nobita's Iron Body
  7. Spying Vines
  8. An Unpleasant Feeling Measuring Device
  9. Plan to Escape from the Earth
  10. A Command Gun
  11. A Dream's Director Chair
  12. A Complete Restoration Liquid
  13. Super Giant
  14. A Concentration Machine
  15. A Summon Buzzer
  16. A Future Nobita
  17. A Salary Riot
  18. A Human Programming Pill
  19. Pinch Runner
  20. A Pet Pen
  21. A Time Pistol to Eliminate the "Obstacle"

Volume 3

  1. Sound Camera
  2. Courage Test Glasses
  3. Would You be Okay if Doraemon Wasn't Here?
  4. An Uproar Caused By a Popular Badge
  5. Where Were You at That Time?
  6. A Monster Box
  7. Turnover Dynamite
  8. A Grateful Ring
  9. An Indoor World Travel Set
  10. Patrol Car of Justice
  11. A Flying Paper
  12. A Duplication Balloon
  13. A Deposit Card
  14. A Sneezing Powder
  15. Hologram Machine
  16. Super Speed Goggles
  17. A Fear Maker Machine
  18. Petter
  19. Shyara Gum
  20. Muscle Control
  21. A Cockroach Doll

Volume 4

  1. A Million Volt Man
  2. Taking Scoop Pictures with "Chance Camera"
  3. A Fake Scribble Pen
  4. Mini Santa
  5. The Treasure Hunting Paper
  6. A Child of Wind Band
  7. A Robot Pet Dog
  8. A Part Time Job for a Yeti
  9. Teletelephone
  10. Image Gum
  11. A Misfortune Forecast Machine
  12. An Animal Training Shop
  13. A Paper Plane
  14. Traffic Mark Stickers
  15. Energy Saving Hot-Air Balloon
  16. A Revenge Band
  17. A Comrade Badge
  18. A Human Task Time Switch
  19. All Purpose Glasses
  20. Doraemon and Dorami-chan

Volume 5

  1. Sparta Victory Pills and Hater Touch Baton
  2. A Dream-corder
  3. A Secret Story
  4. Air Conditioner Photo
  5. The Famous Singer, Tsubasa-Chan, Has a Secret!
  6. A Falling Star Catcher
  7. Obedience Hat
  8. A Great Shell Set
  9. A Snow in March
  10. A Magic Map
  11. A Care-Giver Robot
  12. A Fake Telephone Adapter
  13. Ignorant Bug
  14. Traffic Protection Time
  15. Firecracker Paper
  16. Use Combine Glue for Hiking
  17. Pencil Missile and Counter Attack Radar
  18. An Ultra Super Deluxe Pill
  19. A Confession Hat
  20. 45 Years Later...

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