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Dogashi Kaden! Manga by Kosuke Hamada

Dogashi Kaden! Manga% Comedy, Shounen, Sports
2 Volumes, 13 Chapters, 309 Pages
Scans by: ryColaa, Dragon Piece, SCX-Scans, BWM, Noizy Scanlations...
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Series Brief Review
Our Hero is aspiring to be a basketball player since his childhood. Although being short, Haruyoshi joins the basketball club in his school, but always was just the 'errand boy' for the rest. Running... into a girl changes his destiny. She, being the clubs manager, investigates a scouting note which leads her back to him after their first encounter. Will she turn Haruyoshi into a great basketball player?

Volumes:   1 2

Volume 1

  1. 1st Period: An Outstanding One In The Prefecture's Hundreds Of Schools
  2. 2nd Period: Dead Weight
  3. 3rd Period: 5 Headed
  4. 4th Period: Run! Single-minded BOY
  5. 5th Period: Small Faith In One's Foothold
  6. 6th Period: Impatiens

Volume 2

  1. 7th Period: Whether It's Now Or In The Past
  2. 8th Period: The Crossover Of Counterattack
  3. 9th Period: The Lofty Scorer
  4. 10th Period: Links
  5. 11th Period: Big Uproar
  6. 12th Period: Key
  7. Last Period: 2008 Summer Revisited

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