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Cyborg Jiichan G Manga by Shigeru Hijikata

Cyborg Jiichan G Manga% aka: Cyborg Grandpa, Cyborg Grandpa-G
Action, Comedy, Sci-fi, Shounen
4 Volumes, 32 Chapters, 724 Pages
Scans by: Miracle Attack Scans, Major Scans, The Forgotten, KRA Scans, Project Bite Me! Scanlations
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Series Brief Review
His name is Tokijirou Kaizou, a brilliant scientist who has decided to spend his waning years taking things much easier: caring for his family, farming on his own plot of land... and transforming himself into a 2000-horsepower cyborg!?
Often makes a cameo appearance in the artist's various works including Hikaru no Go.

Volumes:   1 2 3 4

Volume 1

  1. Good Morning Grandpa!!
  2. Making Part-Time Money!
  3. Dreadful Man! His Name Is Sharekoube!
  4. Class Inspections Are Life-And-Death Too!
  5. A First Date Is Heart-Pounding!
  6. Our Dog Is Number One!
  7. A Cyborg Hunter Is Somehow Sad!
  8. The Getting Your License Is Easy! Chapter

Volume 2

  1. The Bath-House Is Sometimes Good Too! Chapter
  2. The "Welcome To The Twilight" Chapter
  3. It's Been A While Grandma!!
  4. I Can't Forgive The Enemy Of Senior Citizens!
  5. The "Caution At The Summer Sea!" Chapter
  6. The "For The First Time In 66 Years It Annoys!" Chapter (Part One)
  7. The "For The First Time In 66 Years It Annoys!" Chapter (Part Two)
  8. The "Gutsy Beetle Kabukichi" Chapter
  9. Maiko-chan Is Mine!

Volume 3

  1. G-Chan Ramen Is The Best
  2. I Want A Bride
  3. Excellence! Surival Circus
  4. Kei The Hero Is Cool
  5. Delirium In A Dream Video!
  6. Chapter 6
  7. Chapter 7
  8. Chapter 8
  9. Oneshot

Volume 4

  1. Coming All The Way To Jipangu!
  2. Destined Baseball Showdown!
  3. Wedding Anniversary Panic!
  4. The Blank Space Of 50 Years!!
  5. 50 Years Ago Was Really Serious!
  6. Plowing Towards Tomorrow!!

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