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Cutie Honey a Go Go! Manga by Hideaki Anno, Go Nagai, Shinpei Itou

Cutie Honey a Go Go! Manga% Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Sci-fi
1 Volumes, 11 Chapters, 387 Pages
Scans by: Oppai-Missile Translations
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Series Brief Review
Based in the adaptation of the 2004 Live-Action Movie and OVA Anime Re: Cutie Honey. The manga volumes did not have a proper ending until the Perfect Edition by Tokuma Shoten.

Volume 1

  1. Panther Claw
  2. Counter-Plan Meeting
  3. Aki Natsuko
  4. Scissors Panther
  5. I-System
  6. Traitor
  7. Saint Chapel Academy
  8. Hayami Seiji
  9. The Big Four
  10. The Targeted Academy
  11. Afterword

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