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Cristo - Orange-Eyed Messiah Manga by Kairi Sorano

Cristo - Orange-Eyed Messiah Manga% Action, Fantasy, Shounen
1 Volumes, 4 Chapters, 181 Pages
Scans by: Snow-Kiss
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Series Brief Review
Towa became a sweeper admiring the legendary sweeper called, "Orange-Eyed Messiah". The task of sweeper, which requires to "sweep" the monsters Adys is quite hazardous. On his first real attempt at fighting Adys, Towa encountered Kei, a former sweeper who saved him from being killed.
Towa asked Kei to take him as a student. However, not only Kei plainly rejects Towa's request, he tells Towa that he saw the "Orange-eyed Messiah" die!? An appearance by a mysterious man who seems to be connected to Kei showed up with a grudge from the past. Who is he and what is his relationship with the "Orange-Eyed Messiah"? Will Towa finds out about Kei's past too?

Volume 1

  1. Keep Out
  2. Adys
  3. Memory
  4. Cristo

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