» Crimsons: Akai Koukaishatachi

Crimsons: Akai Koukaishatachi Manga by Takanori Kanno

Crimsons: Akai Koukaishatachi Manga% aka: Crimsons
Comedy, Shounen
4 Volumes, 21 Chapters, 522 Pages
Scans by: Project Bite Me! Scanlations
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Series Brief Review
Shintaro and his school of salmon have been living in a small lake for generations. Tired of being muscled out of food by the bigger fish, they decide to make a bold move and head for the "ocean" that they've heard about in stories where it is vastly large and food is beyond plentiful. As Shintaro leads his school of salmon out into the sea, they soon realize how protected they were in the lake and realize how dangerous it is.

Volumes:   1 2 3 4

Volume 1

  1. Journey To The World
  2. The Wall Of The World
  3. Limitless Dread
  4. Pierce Through The Wall!!
  5. Conquer The Invisible Path
  6. Omake

Volume 2

  1. Group Tactics
  2. Iron Paradise (Part 1)
  3. Iron Paradise (Part 2)
  4. Dry And Wet Fetishism
  5. Cross-Generation (Part 1)

Volume 3

  1. Cross-Generation (Part 2)
  2. Northern Resort
  3. The Magical Boundary (Part 1)
  4. The Magical Boundary (Part 2)
  5. The Sorrow Of Maturation

Volume 4

  1. Spheres Of Hope
  2. Path To The Successors
  3. Soaring Scarlet
  4. Destination Of Love
  5. The Navigators

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