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Chouchou Kumo Manga by Hinako Ashihara

Chouchou Kumo Manga% aka: Butterfly Cloud
Shoujo, Slice of Life, Drama, Romance
1 Volumes, 4 Chapters, 190 Pages
Scans by: Aerandria
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Series Brief Review
Collection of 4 short stories:

1) Butterfly Cloud
Best friends Kiyo, Kanta, and Goma live in a small, depopulated island in the Seto Inland Sea. One day, a transfer student from Tokyo arrives. Before long Ritsuka, a cute and fair-skinned girl, started hanging out with the three best friends, but what happens after?

2) Middle School - Less Than Love
Koizumi Kana is in Love. And her love for Fujimoto made her imagine him as a total different person and do all sort of silly things, even as far as to steal a pencil lead. What will happen when suddenly Fujimoto asks her out and she finds out that he is not the person she imagined?... A bittersweet story of first love follows.

3) Middle School - Man Hater
Mitsuki Abe is always being sexually harassed which lead to her aversion for men. Torii after being falsely accused for groping Abe decides to catch the real culprit. What will happen when Torii betrays her by accidently kissing her. Will Abe ever trust any other men? Will Torii catch the real culprit and be the exception for Abe's hatred?

4) Middle School - The Cherry Blossoms Scatter

Volume 1

  1. Butterfly Cloud
  2. Middle School First Year ~Less Than Love~
  3. Middle School Second Year ~Man-hater~
  4. Middle School Third Year ~The Sakura Is Chattering~

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